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FSA Hygiene ‘Guidance’ (since Feb 2011)

Food businesses ignored the rules. People died because of it.

The FSA 2011 Guidance was developed in response to the foodborne E. coli O157 outbreaks in Scotland in 1996 and Wales in 2005 which resulted in deaths, hospitalisations and were attributed to cross-contamination arising from poorly managed food handling. The important aspects of the 2011 Guidance are:

  • It’s called ‘guidance’ but is enforced under HACCP. It’s the law. It’s not optional
  • Food surface sanitisers must conform to BS EN 1276 or BS EN 13697
  • The rinse tank of commercial dishwashers must be at the correct temperature to assure thermal disinfection
  • ‘Complex’ equipment can no longer be ‘chemically segregated’ – you can’t slice bacon, disinfect, then slice ham (cooked). You need two slicers, one for raw, one for cooked.

Links to the FSA materials are included in the FSA Guidance Summary.