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Recto-Resources for Food Businesses

[important]Resources for Chef and Foodie Folk[/important]

This section contains useful stuff for people working in food. In the right hand side panel of all pages at rectofossal.com you’ll find news feeds for Food Alerts, Allergy Alerts and Plague Alerts and other stuff – in the mobile version you can access the same HotRectoPoop with the groovy slidey Ξ button. As a rule the factsheets are in this RectoResources section and the commentary and snide comments are in the blog, so if something changes expect a sarcastic blog entry (so you see it) with a link to the allegedly helpful stuff you can find here.

Apart from the regulatory etc stuff there’s guides to how hygiene chemicals work (so you can tell when your supplier is making stuff up) plus freebies and giveaways. What’s not to like?